Quicksilver 9ml

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Quicksilver Poppers 9 ml
1 Bottle

Contents: US formula.
(In the transitional period, other formula possible)

The special aroma and special effect of QUICKSILVER have been around since 1979. Step into a new world of intensity! QUICKSILVER has already become one of the most popular brands, and works quickly and effectively. Older “boys” prefer QUICKSILVER’s slightly “softer” but very intense effect.

Now enhanced with the exclusive Power-Pak Pellet ™. Lasts longer and stays fresh longer, even after opening!

Warning: Poppers are room aromas and/or leather cleaners and are sold by us as such – they must never be inhaled directly. Moreover, we point out that inhaling this material in conjunction with potency agents (e.g. Viagra) may cause cardiac arrest. By selecting/purchasing this item and clicking “Add to cart”, I – the buyer – declare that I will not directly inhale the poppers.

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